Your Key Person – Stoneygate Nursery School

Your Key Person

“Children learn to be strong and independent from a base of secure relationships with caring and supportive adults”

Children who feel confident and trusting about their relationship with key people in the nursery are more likely to explore, learn and make supportive relationships with others.

Our philosophy in providing education and care for young children is to promote their emotional development by providing appropriate attachment and support. This is the primary role of the key person.Your key person will be your initial point of contact regarding children’s progress and development. We aim to regularly share information about children’s learning with parents.

We recognise the crucial role that parents and carers have in their child’s life and we will always involve you as much as possible in their education. When your child starts nursery, we will ask you about your child’s interests, likes and dislikes so that we can make their time in nursery interesting and enjoyable. We encourage children to talk to you about what they do when they are with us, and welcome you keeping us up-to-date with what your child gets up to at home. We meet with parents once a term to let you know how your child is progressing at nursery but you’re welcome to talk to your key person about your child at any time.

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