Nursery School

At Stoneygate Children’s Centre we have a large teacher led Nursery School providing pre-school education to three and four year old children through the nursery education grant.

What is the Nursery Education Grant?

The Nursery Education Grant is offered by the Government to provide 15 hours free early education for many 3 year olds and all 4 year olds. Currently at Stoneygate Nursery School children can attend for three hours each day, five days a week, during school terms. Alternative patterns are available on request. From September 2015 there will be a variety of session times available. If interested please contact us on 01772 257865 or you can pop in to discuss your needs.

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How do I apply for a place for my child?

Call us on 01772 257865 or pop into our Centre at any time to get an application form. Alternatively, you could download the Nursery Application Form, complete it and return to us. You may find the our Prospectus helpful. If your child is allocated a place, we will contact you and arrange a home visit to discuss how we can support you and your child to start nursery school.

When can my child start?

Children usually start Nursery School in the term following their third birthday. Start dates are staggered so that children can settle into the daily routines easily.

What are the attendance and punctuality expectations?

Regular attendance at school is essential to ensure that your child gets as much out of their education as they can. Irregular attendance disrupts your child’s learning, undermines their educational progress and can lead to underachievement and low attainment.

Children are expected to attend school for 190 days each academic year and the government expects that all nursery aged children should have attendance no lower than 80%. We hope to do much better than this.

Morning sessions start at 8.45am and afternoon sessions start at 12.30pm. Children are expected to be in school for this time. All absences should be accounted for by a telephone call before 9am for the morning session or 1pm for the afternoon session.

Can my child have holidays in term time?

We understand that some families will occasionally want to take their children out of nursery for an extended period of time, beyond the normal school holiday pattern. However, these occasions should be exceptional. Before a lengthy absence is agreed, parents should discuss timing issues with their child’s key worker. A written request for leave should then be submitted to the Headteacher for approval prior to any trips being booked. Approval will only be given if children have attendance over 80%. The Headteacher will respond to requests within one week of the request being received.

The Headteacher can approve upto three weeks of holiday during term time in one academic year. Any holidays over three weeks will be classed as unauthorised. If you intend to be away for more than three weeks, you should plan to include school holidays in this period. Anyone taking more than three weeks holiday during term time may lose their nursery place.

OFSTED’s View Of Our School

“Stoneygate is an excellent school with excellent features.”

“The school curriculum is outstanding.”

“Talking to children as they work and watching them as they come to each new experience shows that they are completely happy and settled in the school. Parents express very positive views about the school and about the very good start it provides for their children’s education.”

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Parents may request a paper copy of any of the information on our website. These will be provided free of charge.