Governing Body

The Governor’s at Stoneygate Nursery School are representative of our local community. Some are elected by the Local Education Authority (LEA), some are members of the local community and/or its organisations, some are members of staff, and some are parents of children accessing services at Stoneygate Nursery School.

All governors are appointed at the Full Governors meeting.

The current members of our governing body are:

Jenny Sides, LEA Governor – Chair – Start Date  17/07/2014

Syed Riaz Abbas, Parent Governor – Start Date  03/12/2015

Christine Branscombe, Head – Start Date  01/09/2016

Joanna Morris, Co-opted Governor – Start Date  01/04/2017

Abi Tyrer, Co-opted Governor – Start Date 10/07/2017

Sarah Howard, Staff Governor – Start Date  01/01/2018

Yetunde Onilogbo, Co-opted governor – Start Date 01/03/2018



Amanda Forshaw – Start Date  07/09/2013 – End Date  31/03/2017

Jade Zdan-Michajlowicz – Start Date  22/09/2015 – End Date  31/03/2017

Cecil Walsh – Start Date  29/04/2014 – End Date  31/08/2017

Carolyn Sillitoe – Start Date  01/10/2014 – End Date  22/12/2017

Taras Antia – Start Date  07/10/2013 – End Date  31/03/2017

Stuart McCann – Start Date  05/07/2016 – End Date  31/08/2017

Anila Khan, Co-opted Governor – Start Date  23/10/2013 – End date 31/08/2018

S Humphries, Co-opted Governor – Start Date 04/07/2018 – End date 31/08/2018

Saira Asim, Parent Governor – Start Date  05/07/2016 – End date 31/08/2018

Juilia Ben Fredj, Parent Governor – Start Date 04/08/2018 – End date 31/12/2019

Governor’s have three main roles:

To provide strategic direction for the school
To act as a critical friend to the headteacher
To ensure accountability

Governor’s meet at Stoneygate Nursery School once a term to discuss the management of the School. From 1st April 2017 when the Children Centre closes we will have 4 committees which meet once a term. These committees focus on different aspects of the school’s management:

SEC Committee: governor’s who attend this meeting support the teaching and learning that takes place in school and analysis the data of the children’s attainment.

Jenny Sides – Chair Person
Christine Branscombe
Joanna Morris
Sarah Howard
Syed Riaz Abbas       


Finance, Staffing, Buildings, Health & Safety Committee: governor’s who attend this meeting focus on the financial management of the school, the staffing structure, the maintenance of the building and looks at how well the school manages health & safety.

Abi Tyrer – Chair Person                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                              Jenny Sides 
Christine Branscombe
Syed Riaz Abbas



Collaboration Committee: governor’s who attend this meeting look at how well the federation with Appletree Nursery School in Lancaster is working to support both Schools.

Jenny Sides
Christine Branscombe
Two governors from Appletree Nursery School

Governors Register of Interest. 2019

Governors-Attendance-2018/19 (1)


As vacancies on our Governing Body arise, we advertise within the school and on SGOSS, a DfE governor recruitment website. We sometimes have parent governor vacancies at the end of the summer term, so if you’re interested in joining our governing body please contact Michelle on 01772 257865 or [email protected], or call into reception at Stoneygate Nursery School.

Anyone interested in attending a governor’s meeting is very welcome. Please ask Michelle in the school office for the date and time of the next governor’s meeting.