Everybody Welcome

At Stoneygate Nursery School we promote the inclusion of all children and students by supporting children and adults to:

  • Develop a sense of their own identity and present themselves confidently in a range of situations
  • Recognize their own worth as an individual by identifying positive things about themselves and their achievements.
  • Respect differences between people.
  • We take practical measures to ensure that inclusion is an integral consideration in everything we do.

The local authority and nursery settings publish a number of documents detailing how we meet the needs of children with additional needs. These include the SEND Information Report 2020  and Lancashire County council Local offer

Differences among children are generally related to the experiences they have had, the cultural background of their family, inherited characteristics, nutrition, their temperament and ability to learn, or the nature of their physical, sensory or intellectual impairment.

We believe that ‘inclusion’ is:

  • Focusing on individuals’ strengths and abilities.
  • Accepting difference as ordinary. Children benefit from different experiences and approaches. They have had different experiences and have individual and different needs.
  • In order to facilitate inclusion we believe that every pupil should be helped to develop a sense of personal and cultural identity and to be respectful towards other identities.


The governors and senior management of the School seek to ensure that staff receive appropriate training opportunities and that development enables them to effectively meet the diverse needs of the families and children they support.

Staff are valued as key members of a team, each having skills and talents that contribute to the excellence of the organisation. Staff are encouraged, through the staff development process, to recognise, develop and utilise their skills for the benefit of all. New staff are given support and training to enable them to feel part of the team.